May 1, 2022

What’s Next After Your Jesmonite AC100 Starter Kit?

If you’ve come to the end of your Jesmonite AC100 Starter Kit, it’s likely you’re now completely hooked on Jesmonite and all you can create with it! So where do you go from here? From the products you need to effects and finishing, there’s so much more to learn. We’ve detailed the key areas below to point you in the right direction!

Jesmonite Kits.

We’re all about making life easy here at Polysil, which is why we sell Jesmonite kits in the correct ratio of liquid to powder, meaning you’ll come to the end of each component at the same time. To restock your liquid and powder, choose the Jesmonite AC100 Kit and select the amount you need. If you’re going to be creating Jesmonite pieces in big batches, the larger kits are more cost-effective. But if you’re going to keep it as a weekend hobby, go for the smaller kits and see how you get on.


After using your Starter Kit, it’s time to start thinking about the tools you’ll need to keep creating your amazing pieces! Fortunately, we’ve got a whole blog on this, which you can check out *here*. Add these bits to your next order and you’ll be all set!


It’s time to move onto new and exciting things and now that you’ve finished your Starter Kit, why not try out some new effects and techniques? From marbling to terrazzo to split pieces, there’s so much to explore and enjoy! Take a look at our handy how-to guides and see which effect you fancy giving a go!


If you’ve had a play around with terrazzo, sanding is the step that brings the beautiful, colourful chips to the surface. For non-terrazzo pieces, you might just need to sand the edges to create a flat, even surface. Now that you’re familiar with Jesmonite and how to use it, finish off your creations to the highest standard by sanding properly. Follow our sanding how-to guide *here* for the best tips and tricks on how to bring your creations to a professional standard.


The final step to completely finishing your Jesmonite AC100 pieces is to seal them. Along with adding UV resistance, sealing your work will also make it splash proof and stain proof.This also increases the life span so they’re ready to use and love! Have a little look at our sealing how-to guide for help using our range of Sealers.


Have you gone a bit Jesmonite mad with pieces sitting all over your house? We’ve all been there! Why not try and sell some of your finished products? That way you get to keep making stunning creations, whilst earning a little extra income on the side. Start by taking some pictures and sharing them on your social media to gauge interest. Why not delve deeper into the world of selling platforms such as Etsy and see where it leads!

We hope you enjoyed “What’s Next After Your Jesmonite AC100 Starter Kit?”

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