Supplying Jesmonite, resins and silicone to the UK creative arts market since 1985.

Polysil began its journey in 1985 when its founder, Mr Frank Evans set up the business.

Putting in some serious miles, Frank soon began to develop a loyal customer base. In 1993 his son Damian (the current Managing Director) was invited to come on board.

Now 35 years established our mission has not changed – to serve our community with high quality products at the best possible prices.

We are an independent family owned and run business that have over 30 years of experience in our industry.

We pride ourselves on providing a level of service unrivalled by our competitors.

Not only do we have an extensive range of products in stock, but we also have access to literally thousands more through our business partners and suppliers. In other words if we haven’t got it, we can find it!

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Independently owned, passionate about customer service and here to help you solve your creative challenges.

Meet the Team

Damian Evans

Managing Director

Damian is down-to earth and a ‘hands on’ team member.  He is our very own ‘Superman’, but we never tell him that!

Always willing to go the extra mile, he strives to create a work culture that values the needs of our customers so that they have the best possible experience when engaging with our brand. 

Damian equally loves to support new business start-ups in the creative arts industry and to make casting and mould-making more accessible and available to a wider audience.

Damian truly loves what he does and never seems to run out of steam!

Sy Evans

Business Development Manager

Although Sy only joined the company officially in January 2022, it feels in some ways that she has been here for much longer.

Sy is the glue that brings so many different aspects of the company together, she is the link between values and vision.  Her calm disposition and unique ability to bring everyone together in almost perfect union is a real asset to us.

There may be a million things to do, but Sy will juggle all of this and still find time to ask how you’re doing. Simply put, Sy cares!

Trevor Carter

Trevor Carter

Head of Operations

Trev goes back far too many years to mention but has certainly become the backbone of Polysil.

He is also the ‘Swan’ of the company, calm and relaxed on the surface, whilst paddling furiously underneath to serve our customers with 100% commitment to their needs.

He is a loyal guy, full of wit and keeps everyone around him calm.

You might have met Trev on the road whilst delivering our products or talked to him on the phone, but be assured, he is never too busy to put his customers first.

Steve Patrick

Steve Patrick

Technical Sales

Steve our practical genius, is the one you will find in the back office fixing whatever is needed.

Not only is he great at finding solutions, but he relishes customer contact and is excellent at providing advice about our products.

Steve knows the silicone spray machines inside out, literally! His famous internal saying is ‘if you cut me in half, you will find Polysil through and through.’

He is often accompanied by his dog (a gorgeous husky) called Skye, the underestimated member of the company who relieves all our stress!

Jo Vickers

Community Manager

Jo is the link between us and our customers. She can be found sharing our makers’ work on our social media platforms, and answering questions about all things creative.

An artist and maker herself, Jo spends her time experimenting with our products and looking out for new ones that will help our makers level up their hobbies and businesses.

Having a real person that our customers can talk to is something we’re really proud of, and Jo is always available to chat through WhatsApp, or by DMing on Instagram or Facebook.

Leonie Reynolds

Leonie Reynolds

Finance Manager

What a gem we have found!  Leonie is our office accounts wiz and always willing to turn her hand to just about anything!

She is a happy, chirpy character who is an essential part of the team.  Her adaptability and enthusiasm is reflected in the support she provides to all sides of the business, making sure our customers’ requirements are fully met without a hitch!

She also boosts the environment footprint of the company with her commitment to cycling to work, come rain or shine and her veggie homemade soups smell wonderful at lunchtime!

Phil Birss

Phil Birss

Head of eCommerce

Phil is our resident marketing expert and leads the growth of our online business.

His mission is to create a world-class customer experience for all our Polysil makers. As a creative himself he loves mould making and exploring the products that we sell on his own projects

Never one to miss a pun, or the opportunity to roll out some hard-earned wisdom, we love Phil’s passion and dedication to supporting our makers community.

Pauline Carter

Customer Services

Every team needs a Pauline. She is an absolute natural with people, always smiling no matter what is going on and totally devoted to providing a very high level of customer care to all our makers and product users.

She is exceptionally experienced in customer service too and loves to discuss and answer any questions regarding orders or product queries that arise and would happily spend all night and day doing so if she could!

No matter what the problem is, Pauline is always there and ready to help.

Lawrence Hindley

Operations Team

Lawrence who we call ‘The Great Loz’ is our newest addition to the team and brings with him a unique energetic zest for life.

Bursting with genuine enthusiasm, Lawrence is not one for sitting on the side-lines and likes to be at the centre of everything we do.  He is committed to getting ‘the job done’ whatever it may entail and a vital member of our production team.

A true lover of the outdoors, Lawrence enjoys hiking and exploring.  If you dare challenge him to climb a mountain, he will take you up on it!

Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter

Operations Team

Ryan has been around Polysil most of his life but started to regularly work for the company in 2021.

He is a quick learner with a good brain, whilst maintaining his sense of fun.  Ryan is full of energy and literally moves as fast as ‘Speedy Gonzales.’

He tirelessly works without let-up to keep the production line running smoothly and is conscientious about getting orders out promptly as he hates to let customers or his colleagues down.

Always full of great suggestions and a happy worker, you will find Ryan singing in the back office of his workplace.

Brad Mitchell

Operations Team

Brad recently joined the Polysil family and is our ‘resident history buff.’ Hard work and a ‘can do’ attitude is totally his jam!

Brad very much enjoys listening to historical podcasts to keep him motivated whilst processing, decanting, and assembling our products. He is very adept and organised and has contributed many new ideas to help improve the overall way our production process operates.

He has been at the heart of integrating the new Polysil logo throughout all our products and his technical knowledges is very handy around the office.

Skye the Dog

Chief of Morale

Skye joined the company early in 2021, Steve’s right hand man (or dog in this case).  She always brings a smile to everyone she meets.

Even ‘cat people’ seem to melt at the sight of her wolfy little face.  She is super friendly and just wants to be everyone’s friend, this makes her the perfect candidate to take up the important role of ‘Chief of Morale’.

Even though she works out three times a day everyday she always remains ‘Husky’.

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