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Premium Mixing Spatulas

Get ready to up your mixing game with these silicone mixing spatulas!

Made from flexible silicone rubber with a metal core, these non-stick, non-toxic, reusable mixing spatulas feature a useful handle to reduce mess and make mixing easier.


The silicone mixing spatulas’ 24.7cm length and 2.8cm width make them brilliant for stirring and mixing epoxy resin, liquids, glues, liquid silicones, Jesmonite and more. With flat sides and a rounded edge, you’ll be able to make sure every last bit of your mixture is fully combined, leaving nothing left on the sides of your jug.

Use your silicone mixing spatulas over and over again and save money on disposables along with doing your bit for the environment. They can be easily cleaned using Grimex Wipes meaning they’ll last and last! 

You could also try snapping your mixed material off the stick and saving it for terrazzo chips to make a no waste piece. They’ll soon become an essential part of your crafting kit!