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Jesmonite AC730 (Full kits)

To create pieces that need to be water resistant, such as soap dishes and outdoor plant pots, Jesmonite AC730 is the system you need! 

It’s durable in all outdoor conditions and can even be used to create water features, so you know it’s going to wear well when exposed to water. 

AC730’s unique blend of decorative aggregate and pigments give it a stone effect when finished with acid etching, for a creation that looks sophisticated with a slight industrial edge.


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Made up of two parts, Jesmonite AC730 contains an acrylic liquid and a blended micro concrete base. These two parts are then mixed together at a ratio of 5 powders:1 liquid to create a thick, paste-like liquid. This can then be tipped into a mould. 

As with the rest of the Jesmonite systems, AC730 is solvent-free and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Keeping the air around you clean, so you can work safely. 

Jesmonite AC730 takes around four to six hours to cure and gains its full strength in the first 24-48 hours. Full guide here.


Due to its ability to resist water, Jesmonite AC730 is great for creating pieces that might be exposed to the elements such as outdoor decoration and bathroom décor. 

That doesn’t mean it can’t be used for other things! From candle holders, to coasters and ornaments, you can enjoy AC730’s beautiful stone effect finish for almost any project! 

It can be reinforced with Jesmonite Quadaxial Fabric to add more strength to bigger pieces that may need it.


When you first remove an AC730 piece from the mould it’ll feel smooth, much like an AC100 piece would. If you then decide to sand or acid etch your creation, it’ll feel rougher, and more textured. Think along the lines of cement or a rough stone and that’s what AC730 will feel like.


Definitely! You can still add Jesmonite pigments to AC730 but bear in mind that there are 11 stone finishes to choose from and these finishes come pre-coloured. You might just choose to embrace AC730’s natural beauty. But if you want to achieve a set colour using pigments, we’d recommend using one of the three lightest finishes (White Marble, Silver Grey Granite or Natural Stone). Each of the 11 finishes gives a stunning neutral, minimalistic effect but feel free to experiment and mix it up by adding pigments and decoration! 

To reveal the beautiful stone texture, use Jesmonites Acid Etch and watch as the magic happens and your piece becomes even more unique!


To make your life easier, Jesmonite AC730 Kits are sold in the correct ratio of liquid to powder. Meaning you’ll come to the end of both at the same time. Keep your Jesmonite AC730 liquid and base containers well sealed and store them at a constant temperature of between 5 – 25°C. We’d say be sure to use within twelve months, but we’re sure you’ll use it much quicker than that!

Please get in touch for bulk orders of 1 tonne or more.

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We could talk about Jesmonite all day! But it’s important to note that the above information is based on a mixture of both our experience and Jesmonites official guidelines. We can’t guarantee that every piece you make will be perfect, but that’s the beauty of experimentation. If you have any questions about Jesmonite and its suitability for you just get in touch.

For technical data check out our definitive guide.