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Jesmonite High-Shear Mixing Blades

For a silky smooth mix like no other, add the Jesmonite Mixing Blades to your essential tool kit. You literally just need to attach them to your drill and get mixing. It’s like baking a Jesmonite cake!

Made from stainless steel and specifically designed by Jesmonite®, these mixing blades will combine your liquid and powder components seamlessly, for a lump-free, air bubble-free mix. 

Available in 35mm (NEW), 65mm and 105mm sizes, there’s a blade to suit every project size, so you can mix larger and smaller quantities with ease.

£13.00 - £37.50

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Jesmonite High-Shear Mixing Blades are specifically designed for blending Jesmonite Base into Jesmonite Liquids. The mixing action reduces air bubbles and ensures that the mix is smooth and free from lumps giving your cured products a higher quality finish. The blades are made from stainless steel with a non-rusting finish.  They are compatible with most (if not all) conventional drills. Made in the UK too!

  • ***NEW*** Mini Mixing Blade is 35mm and is ideal for small batches
  •  Small Mixing Blade is 65mm wide at the head and can be used for up to 5kg of complete mix weight.
  •  Large Mixing Blade is 105mm wide at the head and can be used for 5kg-30kg of complete mix weight.