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Silicone Rubber 3481 Kit (Professional)

Take your Jesmonite and Resin creations to the next level by creating your own re-usable silicone rubber moulds.

We offer two grades of silicone rubber. Our professional grade, known as 3481 Silicone and our standard grade Silicone Rubber F23 Kit (Standard)

All our kits come in two parts – a silicone rubber base and a catalyst liquid. When mixed together (20:1 by weight ratio) they combine and start to set.

If you are starting out in Silicone we recommend choosing a standard working time kit to give yourself plenty of time.

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Silicone Rubber 3481 Kit (Professional)

What are the curing times for 3481 Silicone Rubber (Professional Grade)?

We supply three options of our professional grade 3481 silicone rubber kit with differing cure and working times, as follow:

  • Standard: Working time of 90-120 minutes | Cure time of 24 hours
  • Fast: Working time of 30-60 minutes | Cure time of 8 hours
  • Very Fast: Working time of 8-15 minutes | Cure time of 2 hours

Cure time refers to the length of time needed for something to fully set, whereas ‘working time’ is the effective pot life of your mix before it starts to become unworkable.

NB: Cure times listed above can vary due to various factors (e.g.: room temperature, etc).


Why choose 3481 Silicone Rubber (Professional Grade)?

Why choose the 3481 professional silicone for your project?

  • It’s been around for 30 years and has what’s known as a “proven archive life”. This means that your moulds will stand the test of time.
  • This grade has a lower shrinkage rate when fully cured, so basically it holds its shape better once set.
  • It is more elastic than our standard grade, making it more stretchy & less likely to rip when de-moulding your work.
  • It is tougher than our standard grade, meaning it will stand up to the rigours of your studio.

If your budget will stretch to it, then we always recommend using our professional grade 3481 silicone, especially if you are working on more intricate pieces such as a glove moulds, busts or ornate shapes.


What type of project is the 3481 Silicone Rubber best suited to?

RTV-3481 is suited for the detailed reproduction of figures, art objects and similar items. Ideal for professional use. Excellent for use with Jesmonite and other resins and plasters.


What are the technical properties of our 3481 Silicone Rubber?

  • Outstanding release properties
  • High flowability and long working time
  • Medium hardness
  • High tear resistance
  • High elasticity for easy removal of complex replica parts
  • Can be made thixotropic (nonflowable) for vertical surface replication :  Silicone Rubber Thixotropic Additive
  • Choice of curing agents for special applications


Technical and Safety Data Sheet

For Technical and Safety sheets please go to our Knowledge Hub