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Metal Powders

Infuse your Jesmonite AC100 and AC300 creations with an industrial edge using Metal Powders! Think of them like a metallic pigment, just in a powder form instead of a liquid.

The overall result is a Jesmonite piece that resembles a high shine metal, so you can create timeless decor that stands out from the crowd!

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Get creative with the Metal Powders and create a look that you love! Explore an antique look with the brass shade or experiment by adding a drop black Jesmonite pigment to the bronze shade to create a rich, dark bronze. If you’re more of a silver kind of person, try the silver bronze shade and if you prefer a more traditional finish, have a play with the copper powder.

Using the Metal Powders is a lot simpler than it seems! Just add them to your mixed Jesmonite little by little until you’re happy with the finish. You’ll find the Metal Powder thickens your mix but that’s ok! Once your piece is set and has been removed from the mould, you’ll need to rub it up with a fine grade wire wool to reveal the metallic finish and watch as it starts to shimmer and shine!

Show us your metallic finishes and share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #polysilmakers!

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