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NicPro Epoxy Resin Kit – 3.78ltr (128 fl oz)

Nicpro Epoxy Resin is ideal for jewellery making, crafts decorations, encapsulating objects, garment accessories, cast figurines as well as resin canvas painting and much more.


  • 3.78 ltr (1 gallon) Resin
  • Graduated cups x 8 ( 250ml )
  • Silicone sticks for mixing x 2
  • Gloves x 1
  • Spreader x 2
  • Pipettes x 5
  • Tablecloths x 3
  • Instructions



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Nicpro Epoxy Resin Kit – 3.78ltr (128 fl oz)

Nicpro Epoxy Resin kit is great for all your casting and coating applications. It cures crystal clear and is hard as a rock. Having a high gloss formula means it can create a perfectly transparent finish. 

Our resin is self-levelling and self degassing. It has low odour, no fumes or leaks and is non-toxic (food safe). It also contains both a UV stabiliser and advanced additive which is resistant to yellowing making it long-lasting. 

EASY MIX 1:1 ratio, means no mistakes in your mixture. Mix carefully and thoroughly to help avoid any bubbles from forming. You will have enough to cover approximately 25.6 sq. feet and have around 30 minutes work time with a cure time of 24 hours.

Tough, high gloss, water resistant coating ideal for table tops, bars, wood finishes.

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Question & Answer about Nicpro Epoxy Resins

1. What kind of paint can I coat NicPro resin on ?

  • You can resin over acrylics, oil, spray or watercolour paint once it has dried thoroughly.

2. Can I use Nicpro resin over paper ?

  • Nicpro resin can cover good quality paper like photo paper, tracing paper, but not thin paper. if you are not sure, simply conduct a test on a small piece of scrap paper first.

3. What is the work time and the cure time?

  • You have 30 minutes working time. Generally after 8 hours it will be cured, thinner projects may take longer, up to 24 hours.

4. Is Nicpro epoxy resin food safe ?

  • Yes ,our resin is non-toxic ( FDA certification). It can be safely used as a food contact surface.

5. What temperature is Nicpro resin resistant to?

  • The maximum temperature that cured Nicpro Resin can tolerate is 203℉ or 95℃. When temperatures are as high as that, the cured resin may become a little soft & flexible but once it cools off, it will harden up once again.




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