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NicPro Epoxy Resin Kit – 472ml (16 oz)

Nicpro Epoxy Resin is ideal for jewellery making, crafts decorations, encapsulating objects, garment accessories, cast figurines as well as resin canvas painting and much more.


  • 472ml (16 fl oz) Resin
  • Measuring cups with spouts (100ml) x 2
  • Measuring cups (30ml) x 2
  • Silicone sticks for mixing x 2
  • Gloves x 1
  • Spreader x 1
  • Pipettes x 5
  • Tablecloths x 2
  • Instructions



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Nicpro Epoxy Resin Kit – 472 ml (16 fl oz)

Nicpro clear Epoxy Resin is great for all your casting and coating applications. It cures crystal clear and is hard as a rock. Having a high gloss formula means it can create a perfectly transparent finish. 

Our resin is self-levelling and self degassing. It has low odour, no fumes or leaks and is non-toxic (food safe). It also contains both a UV stabiliser and advanced additive which is resistant to yellowing making it long-lasting. 

EASY MIX 1:1 ratio, means no mistakes in your mixture. Mix carefully and thoroughly to help avoid any bubbles from forming. You will have enough to cover approximately 4 sq. feet and have around 30 minutes work time with a cure time of 24 hours.

Question & Answer about Nicpro Epoxy Resins

1. What kind of paint can I coat NicPro resin on ?

  • You can resin over acrylics, oil, spray or watercolour paint once it has dried thoroughly.

2. Can I use Nicpro resin over paper ?

  • Nicpro resin can cover good quality paper like photo paper, tracing paper, but not thin paper. if you are not sure, simply conduct a test on a small piece of scrap paper first.

3. What is the work time and the cure time?

  • You have 30 minutes working time. Generally after 8 hours it will be cured, thinner projects may take longer, up to 24 hours.

4. Is Nicpro epoxy resin food safe ?

  • Yes ,our resin is non-toxic ( FDA certification). It can be safely used as a food contact surface.

5. What temperature is Nicpro resin resistant to?

  • The maximum temperature that cured Nicpro Resin can tolerate is 203℉ or 95℃. When temperatures are as high as that, the cured resin may become a little soft & flexible but once it cools off, it will harden up once again.



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