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Chopped Strands (Choppies)

Give increased strength to thinner sections of your Jesmonite creations and toughen up easily breakable pieces such as jewellery with the Chopped Glass Strands Reinforcements.

Simply add them to your wet Jesmonite to infuse your final creation with added strength and stability!

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Particularly great for delicate, more fragile pieces that will see a lot of wear and tear, the Chopped Glass Strands can also act as a filler to assist in laminating.  Designed to be added to wet, they’re super easy to use and will make your creation that bit sturdier.

The Chopped Glass Strands are available in three types, 3mm and 6mm which are standard glass options and the 13mm which is alkali resistant. When using with Jesmonite AC630, it’s important to select the 13mm Chopped Strands or you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle!

Top Tip: Why not try adding Jesmonite’s Thixotrope to thicken your mix and prevent any Chopped Strands from peeking through on the face of your surface.