Plas-ti-shim silicone mould making system now available


Want to save time – and therefore money – making a mould?

Polysil Ltd are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the Plas-ti-shim silicone mould making system.

When it comes to mould making, Plas-ti-shim can aid in simplifying the multi-piece mould making process.

It’s as easy as placing Plas-ti-shim along the seam line of the original, then silicone can be applied over the whole of the original in one go. Insert ‘Mould Buddies’ to create locator points for the fibreglass jacket. The bubbles create locator points for the silicone mould, providing a near-perfect seam on your mould every time.

Contact us for more information, prices and available sizes of Plas-ti-shim.

Also, please see our attached “how-to guide” of the new Plas-ti-shim system.