February 27, 2024

Can you use Jesmonite to make a Candlestick holder?

Can you use Jesmonite to make a Candlestick holder? Is Jesmonite fireproof?

These are great questions and ones we get quite often. Like us, you may have seen some creators make a Jesmonite candlestick holder out of AC100. However we would always recommend that if you are going to use Jesmonite for such a purpose then the most flame-retardant variant would be safer than the lesser.

Safety First

So, let’s start by having a quick glance through the Fire Resistance Performance documents (Please see screenshots below) to see the Fire Classification Score for AC100 and AC730.

AC100 EN13501-1 Fire Reaction Classification Report Page 4

AC730 EN 13501-1 Fire Reaction Classification report Page 4

Please note these are only part of the EN 13501-1 Classification reports for AC100 and AC730 respectively. If you would like the full reports then you can find them under the ‘Jesmonite’ section of our resources page. 

For a breakdown of what these scores mean, please have a look at the following site (We found it very helpful):

So, you will find that the Jesmonite AC730 product range will probably best suit your needs. However, please be aware that the A2 fire behaviour rating does not mean that the material is completely fireproof, and that care is still needed when designing your Jesmonite candle holder. We would not advise that you use it for purposes that expose it to high heat or direct flame

Appropriate Ancillaries

To seal your Jesmonite candlestick holder, you will want to consider the properties of the sealer you need. For example you need it to be heat resistant so that it can withstand the heat from your wick whilst providing the finish you desire.

We have found that the crystal clear lacquer by Polyvine is highly durable and heat resistant and comes in a variety of finishes. It would definitely be worth having a look at this sealer and testing whether it could improve the quality of your project. Check out our Polyvine range here: Polyvine Crystal Clear Lacquer – Polysil

Go Create!

So you have your candle vessel design on paper, your Jesmonite Base covered & you have an idea of which sealer you want to protect your vessel with. But, how do you make your candle holder?

Thankfully Jesmonite have our backs and so instead of fretting we can jump right over to their very own tutorial! So to help you get started check out this awesome video on their official YouTube channel 🎥🕯

The Polysil team hopes this helps and if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. 😄

And as always please update us with your creations as well, we always love seeing our creators inspired masterpieces!