Innovative RTV Silicone spraying machine saves hours

RTV Silicone spraying machine used effectively

Our innovative RTV Silicone spraying machine being used to create a huge mould

Our cutting-edge RTV silicone spraying machine has been claimed to save literally dozens of hours when it comes to the application of mould making silicone.

We put this to the test recently at Paragon Creative. They were tasked with creating six flight simulators for one of their clients. To make them as realistic as possible, they took an actual airplane, detached the nose section and applied silicone to the areas that needed to be duplicated.

One user noted:

Looking at the job as a whole I spent around 30 to 40 hours. This would include beading the shim on, building up the flanges and attaching the mesh. The same job without the sprayer would at an estimate be around 50 hours at least and that is more than likely an underestimate. The sprayer saved so much time not only in achieving a large coverage in a short time but made putting the shim on a very quick process. The fact we didn’t need to mix the silicone in buckets also saved a lot of time and mess. The overall job went smoothly and the final mould was very tidy and accurate.

Understandably, the mould making sector is astounded at the speed with which large-scale moulds can be made, and the rush is on to find innovative applications for this hardwear. Naturally, the time saved can then be used elsewhere, either making further mouldings or put to another use.

In addition to the spraying machine being used with a thixotropic additive so vertical surfaces can be coated, it can also be used to dispense silicone rubber to fill flood moulds.

How this RTV Silicone spraying machine can help you.

Are you working in an area with no electricity supply? No problem! Our SG4 model operates purely on a compressed air feed. It is easily transported and can be specified with extension hoses that allow the unit to operate at height (from a scaffold for instance).

We wrote about this machine back in July, and we stated then that companies are already benefitting from material efficiencies and massively reduced labour costs and lead times. This continues to be the case, so if you’re not currently using this machine, don’t get left behind!

If your business is tasked with making large area moulds, you really need to look at this machine to see its clear commercial advantages. Contact us today for more details, or to arrange an on-site demonstration.

We have several videos over on our YouTube channel, where you can see this machine in operation.

RTV Silicone spraying machine in use

Our innovative RTV Silicone spraying machine being put to effective use, saving time