Heads Up – Silicone Rubber Spraying!

Like to complete your silicone rubber mould in 30-45 minutes?!

You can with one of our amazing Silicone Rubber Spraying Machines…….


No more messy and time consuming layers of slow curing rubber, taking days to cure.

No more weighing out components and hand mixing.

No more buckets and brushes for the skip

No more wasted silicone pooling on the floor.

Man hours and lead times drastically reduced.

Therefore ,one person can tackle small to large jobs in a fraction of the time usually needed.

Silicone rubber is exceptionally strong. Cures in 10 minutes. Virtually ZERO shrinkage on cure.

Get in touch today – 0151 632 4414 to find out exactly how your business could benefit too.

Free on-site demonstrations are booking NOW!


( Silicone spraying machine seen in action at Bespoke Plaster Mouldings in Leeds.)