Coming Soon! – Mould making videos from new Polysil Studios

We are delighted to announce our new studio is about to start filming regular mould making videos. We will soon be releasing the first in a series of Jesmonite instructional guides, from un-boxing our new Starter Kits to making your first mould. It is our intention to publish short and informative videos on virtually ALL of our extensive moulding and casting product range. Ranges covered include: Jesmonite, Silicone Rubber, Polyester Resins, Pigments, Control Agents, Mould Making and many more. Often we could really do with a quick reminder on how to use a certain product. How much Thixo can I add? What ratio? What is Shore A? Why is it important? What effect does temperature have on cure times? So many questions!!

We aim to provide a library of short instructional and enlightening tutorials from our in-house experts and from our trusted and experienced business partners and clients.

Keep on eye out on our YouTube site for our first release later this month…..


Polysil film studio being set up. Table and lighting arranged for moulding demonstration.