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Plastic Barrel Tap 51mm

  • Take the strain off your back – put the keg on a table and decant!
  • Taps will fit our 5kg and 10kg  Jesmonite liquid containers and any 51mm DIN European Standard Thread.
  • Not to be compared to other inferior taps! This is the best dispensing tap on the market.
  • These Aeroflow Dispensing Taps for containers are perfectly suitable for the simple, clean and quick decanting of fluids without gurgling or glugging!

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Cap Tap To Fit 5kg and 10kg Jesmonite Liquid Jerry Containers

51mm Dispensing Cap Tap offers a quick and easy way to dispense Jesmonite liquids cleanly, safely and accurately. The cap is simply screwed on to the container by hand, Easy to use with an open and shut tap action.

Great for dispensing a range of products and solutions. The flow through the cap tap is more controlled, helps to reduce the familiar glug motion usually experienced when trying to dispense liquids from a wide plastic container.

Compatible with our 5 kg – 10 kg HDPE plastic stackable Jesmonite liquid containers .

  • 51mm Dispensing Cap Tap – Can be locked closed to avoid unnecessary usage.
  • Compatible with our 5kg – 10kg Stackable Liquid Containers
  • Please check compatibility when using this cap with a container not purchased from Polysil.

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