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Jesmonite Pigments (Pack of 10 x 50g)

A great way to try out every Jesmonite pigment, all 10 in one pack.

Create any colour you can dream of with Jesmonites pigment range! These incredible pigments produce everything from strong, vibrant shades to sweet, subtle pastels and we’re not kidding when we say one drop goes a long way! 

From staple primary colours to on-trend iron oxides, you can mix any colours to create the perfect hue for you.


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Jesmonite Pigments (Pack of 10 x 50g)

Contains: White, Black, Blue, Green, Coade ( brown), Terracotta, Bright Red, Red Oxide, Bright Yellow and Yellow Oxide.

Compatible with all Jesmonite systems, these pigments are available in 200gm, 1kg or a mini selection of 50gm pots, which is ideal if you’re just starting out. Remember when using Jesmonite pigments with AC730, your colours may not be as strong as they would be with AC100 or AC300, but they’ll still be equally beautiful!

To use Jesmonite pigments to their best effect, add up to 2% of the overall weight of your mix (base and liquid added together) to your liquid component before you add your base powder. For more info on how to use your pigments correctly, take a look at our starter guide.

Show us your fave colours for this season and share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #polysilmakers!

Jesmonite® is a Registered Trademark

We could talk about Jesmonite all day, but it’s important to note that the above information is based on a mixture of both our experience and Jesmonite’s official guidelines. We can’t guarantee that every piece you make will be perfect, but that’s the beauty of experimentation. If you have any questions about Jesmonite and its suitability for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For technical data on Jesmonite Pigments (Pack of 10 x 50g) and other products check out our Knowledge Hub.