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Jesmonite AC200 Kits

To create Jesmonite pieces that need carved detail added to them pre-casting, Jesmonite AC200 is the system you need!

As with AC100 and AC300, it still sets to a hard surface, but can be carved and shaped easily using a variety of tools such as CNC machines, routers and chisels. It’s also ideal for prototyping larger scale projects such as film sets prior to moulding.

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Jesmonite AC200 full kits are a two part system containing a water-based acrylic liquid and a mineral base powder. When mixed together at a ratio of 2:1, it’ll turn into a thicker pourable liquid that can then be shaped prior to setting. 

As with the rest of the Jesmonite range, it’s solvent-free and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which means you know the air around you is clean and safe to work in, even when working with larger quantities. Jesmonite AC200 will cure to its full strength in 24-48 hours when all the water in the piece has evaporated, so make sure you place it on a suitable rack where air can fully circulate.


Use Jesmonite AC200 for pieces that need to be carved and shaped after they’ve been cast or for pieces that need to be prototyped prior to actual creation. From decorative trays that are embellished with a carved 3D design to theatre sets and props, Jesmonite AC200 has a great range of uses for a variety of applications. Great for coating on polystyrene artwork. Carve the detail you need and then overcoat with AC100. Makes a tough but super lightweight item.

You can easily customise your pieces to create the perfect finish for your project by using the brilliant range of Jesmonite pigments and metal fillers to mimic whichever colours you envision.


A completed Jesmonite AC200 piece feels much like an AC100 and AC300 piece. It will feel smooth and stone-like, but may be slightly softer strength wise, so care needs to be taken when removing it from the mould.


Yes, 100%! Along with marbling, adding terrazzo effects and pigments to Jesmonite AC200, you can also carve it to create a unique 3D design! Get creative and experiment with beautiful, intricate and ornate carved patterns to add a delicate touch of texture to your work.


To make your life easier, Jesmonite AC200 full kits are sold in the correct ratio of liquid to powder, meaning you’ll come to the end of both at the same time. Keep your Jesmonite AC200 liquid and base containers well sealed and store them at a constant temperature of between 5 – 25°C. We’d say be sure to use it within twelve months, but we’re sure you’ll use it much quicker than that!

Please get in touch for bulk orders of 1 tonne or more.

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We could talk about Jesmonite all day, but it’s important to note that the above information is based on a mixture of both our experience and Jesmonite’s official guidelines. We can’t guarantee that every piece you make will be perfect, but that’s the beauty of experimentation. If you have any questions about Jesmonite and its suitability for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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