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Hebau Colorfresh Intensiv Sealer

Hebau Colorfresh Intensiv sealer 500gm is for protecting decorative concrete/Jesmonite. It is suitable for Jesmonite AC100 and AC730, where it provides a satin coating of the outer surface making the Jesmonite water repellent.

Acrylic sealer satin.

Suitable/safe for food contact.


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Hebau Colorfresh Intensiv Sealer
What is it? – What does it do? – What does it look like?
  • Penetrating and film-building protective coating
  • Stain protection: water, dirt and oil repelling
  • Enhances the colour and adds a light silky sheen to the surface
  • Acrylic based
  • solvent-free
  • colour enhancing
  • breathable
  • applicable on moist and dry surfaces
  • long lasting
  • UV-resistant
  • tested as “safe for food contact”
  • user-friendly and easy to apply
  • water, oil and dirt repellent
  • protects against efflorescence
  • increases freeze resistance
  • protects against fading of concrete colour
  • applicable immediately after surface finishing
  • protects steel reinforcement against CO2 related corrosion

Fields of application:
For the protection of decorative/architectural/aesthetical concrete used for walls and floors, e.g. cast-in-place concrete,
precast concrete elements, artificial stone, paving stones etc., which require protection against soiling, efflorescence, loss
of colour, corrosion, weathering, frost etc. Suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Applicable on all absorbent concrete
with a fair-faced surface (smooth form finish or form liner textured), or rough finishes (exposed aggregate, acid-etched,
shot-blasted, bush-hammered …), e.g. architectural concrete, decorative concrete flooring or walls, concrete used for
garden and landscape construction etc.

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