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Grimex Wipes box of 4

Grimex Wipes

As the saying goes, tidy room, tidy mind, however Grimex Wipes take it that one step further!

Perfect for cleaning up spills from Jesmonite and Silicone Liquid Rubber, there’s not a lot Grimex Wipes can’t do!


These high grade industrial cleaning wipes are designed to cut right through grease, oil, ink, paint, adhesives, silicone and other tough grime, trapping debris in the polypropylene fabric so it can be disposed of safely.

And what’s even better? Grimex Wipes can be recycled! Polypropylene can be recycled and turned into brooms, brushes and even garden rakes so your environmental conscience remains as clean as your surfaces!

Not only do Grimex Wipes work great on surfaces and tools but they’re also 100% safe to use on your hands.

With minimal amounts of powerful cleaning agents, Grimex Wipes remain at an impressive 95% water solution. They even contain nourishing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to enrich your hands with a little TLC!