Talented artist uses Jesmonite in new commission

Sue Gould creates a one off sculpture using Jesmonite materials from Polysil

Sue Gould creates a one off sculpture using Jesmonite materials from Polysil

Polysil has recently supplied Jesmonite products to talented artist Sue Gould. Sue was commissioned to create a visual art piece in Deer Park, King’s Meadow, Derbyshire.

Jesmonite proved to be the perfect material for her artwork, as it is easy to mix, apply, sculpt, mould, colour and finish. It also has excellent eco credentials. Whilst the materials were ideal, the process still had it’s difficult moments, as she reiterates:

In total, the Jesmonite took five of us about 16 hours to apply. We had two mixers, one sprayer, one hand smoother, one mesh applier and one choppy strands applier.

Once we started we could not stop. It took a few goes to get the quantities and the mix right – not too much or it goes off before you have used it, especially where the spray gun was concerned.

The process was all a bit manic and towards the end everyone was a bit tired and emotional. We ended up knee deep in empty buckets but we all loved the finished result.

When it came time to deliver the piece, it all seemed to go very smoothly, as she states:

After the last check over, we padded it out with spare bits of foam, then wrapped it tightly in black cling film.

We tied it carefully onto the trailer, gave it a test run up the road to see how it handled, it was stable all the weight equally distributed.

It looked a bit like a giant upright piano part of a house shift as it moved at 20 miles an hour along the bypass into Chesterfield.

My job was to follow behind to make sure the straps stayed taught and no plastic blew off into the road. it behaved itself perfectly and as a result we arrived incredibly early for the crane.

I don’t know why but I thought it would be lifted up high then lowered back down from a great height, reality was that it hovered no more than two feet from the floor and then gently plonked where it was to stand.

We stripped the wrapper off to inspect for damage, there was absolutely none.

We had made it in a small workshop, light was only from portable plasterers lamps and there was not enough space to see it from any distance.

This was the first time we had seen it properly,the colour out in the natural light was lovely, the shadows accentuated the flows and shapes, the trees were framed nicely through the central ‘window’.

I have called it ‘ The Rut’ in reference to the Deer Park that existed around the old Hall.

I liked the ‘flows’ that we had created in the workshop, the light made them even better. The rain will temporarily darken it, the sun lighten it, so it should change hue with the weather, seasons and the time of day.

In the photos I liked the way it matched the colour of the stripped trees in the distance, not intentional but a happy accident, it will be interesting to see how it toes in as the landscaping matures around it.

If you have an installation, or have been commissioned to create a large sculptural piece, contact us today to discuss the Jesmonite products we can supply you. There’s really something for everyone in the range, so talk to us soon.