Silicone Spray Machine gets a New Home!

Proud new owners, Nigel Keen and Zeb Ratcliffe of PolyProps Cardiff take delivery of their new Silicone Rubber spray machine. (Bubbly also supplied by Polysil! )

After an initial hire period with the machine they realised it was something they couldn’t do without.

Nigel commented: ” We are delighted and excited to get started with our new machine. Buying one was a no- brainer. It saves loads of time to do a mould. Gets work out faster and cuts lead times”

We want to thank PolyProps for their business and are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

PolyProps is a Scenic construction company based in Cardiff and Bristol serving the film & tv industry.

They are a highly skilled and efficient team of scenic sculptors and model makers producing high quality work with impressive precision and attention to detail.

Using polystyrene, sprayed polyurethane foam and resin to produce sets and props, they combine high quality craftsmanship and experience with state-of-the-art technology.