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Innovative RTV Silicone spraying machine saves hours

Our cutting-edge RTV silicone spraying machine has been claimed to save literally dozens of hours when it comes to the application of mould making silicone. We put this to the test recently at Paragon Creative. They were tasked with creating

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Plas-ti-shim silicone mould making system now available

Want to save time – and therefore money – making a mould? Polysil Ltd are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the Plas-ti-shim silicone mould making system. When it comes to mould making, Plas-ti-shim can aid in simplifying

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New and revolutionary RTV Silicone spraying machine now available!

Large areas to mould in silicone? We have the solution. Model SG4 operates purely on a compressed air feed with no electrical supply required. It is easily transported and can be specified with extension hoses that allow the unit to

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